Better Normal

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Friday 27 Aug 2021 20:00

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"Better Normal”

A Concept Concert for The Times We’re Living In.

Lets not get back to normal, let’s get to a BETTER NORMAL!

BETTER NORMAL is an upbeat, up-tempo ‘Concept Concert’ that will warm the heart and lift the spirits.

Based around skiffle music, the evening will place a spotlight on positive aspects of the collective pandemic experience that we can bring with us into the future to create a ‘Better Normal’.

The songs honour those who excelled during the pandemic and celebrates everything from working from home to friendship, community, love, life and music

Eleanor McEvoy, Jess Kavanagh and Pauline Scanlon will walk us through original skiffle songs from the 1900s and bring us right up to original songs specially commissioned for the show written by Eleanor McEvoy, Paul Brady, Derek Ryan and Dave Rotheray (formerly of the Beautiful South).

A five-piece skiffle band will be augmented by a three piece ‘New Orleans’ style brass ensemble and a ten-piece Gospel Choir throughout the evening.

“Right through the pandemic, everyone has been talking about wanting to get back to normal but wouldn’t it be great, if instead we moved to a “Better Normal?”

Not “back to normal”, but instead creating a “Better Normal”.

The Origins of Skiffle

Skiffle music is a type of music that originated in America in the early 1990s, rooted primarily in folk music, it also contained elements of blues and jazz. It was typically played by amateur musicians on improvised instruments such as washboards to provide rhythm and tea-chests to play the bass lines.

The 1950s brought a massive revival of skiffle (pioneered by Lonnie Donegan) with around 40,000 skiffle groups estimated to have been playing in bars, cafes and church halls around Britain by the late 50s. Many of these skiffle groups grew into successful well-established acts. (“The Quarrymen” the pre- curser to the Beatles formed in 1956 by John Lennon, was a skiffle band.)

Whilst gaining huge traction in the UK, skiffle did not garner the same success here in Ireland. Skiffle bands were almost exclusively all male ensembles.


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